.Can Economists map 8 billion human relationships to be joyful and sustainable. This centuruy old question begun by Maths Goats Neumann Eintstein et al is coming down to the wire: extinction or sustainability of speies -2030reports.com . 2 main protagonits since 1970a billion poorest asian women have mapped quarer of the world's population's development with deeer joy and sustainability than all the wealth of American-English mindsets. Somwehere in netween the majority of human intels and almost infinet ART Intels wonder what UN2 countdown to 2030 can do next...LET's start with mapping SHELFF economies : S5 She-too womens intel built communities S3 Health: S4 Ed3 S0 LandLeaders s2 Food S1*17 Financial platforms (the 100 grey=blocks of intel between Unations & WallStreets

Friday, April 19, 2019

todays nhkworld very interesting
n korea kim says no more pompeo and explains putin will work with him
japans new emperor invites trump first for state visit to experience www.reiwajoy.com - more good news for world record jobs creators at http://rowp.tv where maso-san  (soft bank) builds on his vision putting 1 billion dollars into uber to make it and autonomous driving culturally much better for what japan's convergence of car transportation markets and communities needs

amazon to withdraw from china - once with 15% share its been reduced ti 1% - alibaba and JD lead (ld leader has issues with womens movements still to be resolved)

37 countries to attend belt road 2 next week