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Bezos Scholars Program

Launched in 2005, our Bezos Scholars Program cultivates the next generation of leaders. It is a powerful leadership development opportunity and all-expenses-paid scholarship open to public high school juniors and their educators. 

Mind in the Making

Mind in the Making (MITM) is a national initiative to share research on the development of young children, including the importance of life skills that build on and promote executive functions. MITM brings this research to the general public - families and professionals who work with children - through a series of training modules and other resources.

Students Rebuild

Students Rebuild is a collaborative program that mobilizes young people to connect, learn and take action on critical global issues. Our current Youth Uplift Challenge, in partnership with Save the Children and Global Nomads Group, will help to support programs empowering youth in Nicaragua and Indonesia.


Vroom was born out of a need for creative tools and materials that inspire families to turn everyday moments into brain building moments. It was developed with meaningful input from parents, early childhood experts, neuroscientists, and community leaders. examples

Isaac Spokes
STUDENT SCHOLAR / Baltimore Polytechnic Institute / Baltimore, MD
Change. Beautiful change. 
Isaac is a co-founder of the Poly Entrepreneurship Club (an MIT Launch club), participated in Spanish Culture Club, Ultimate Frisbee, the Baltimore Conservation Leadership Corps and various Jewish youth organizations. He is a varsity swimmer. Isaac's many summers at Camp Lincoln in the Adirondack Mountains have shaped him as a person and taught him how even the smallest actions can greatly influence community. Isaac is passionate about education equity. Isaac will attend Dartmouth College beginning this fall.
Regina O'Neal
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / Baltimore Polytechnic Institute / Baltimore, MD
I truly feel this opportunity with the Bezos Scholars Program will animate not only the school community but Baltimore City with the amazing community change project that Isaac and I will develop! 
Regina has been an educator for ten years, and served in her current position as World Language Department Chair for two. She is advisor for multiple clubs, including "Los Ingenieros", the CUauhtemoc chapter of the National Spanish Honor Society, and the Pan-African Heritage Alliance. She is currently finishing her master's degree.
Kaetlyn Rodriguez
STUDENT SCHOLAR / California Academy of Math and Science / Bellflower, CA
I'm helping people by helping the environment. I love learning more about the way flowers grow!
Kaetlyn is passionate about the environment and involved in multiple clubs, programs and internships that support her passion. She participated in the America Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Campaign, working with peers to develop feasible solutions to bring awareness to the many injustices the world faces. She enjoys writing stories, and learning more about the ocean and conversation of the ocean. Kaetlyn held her Local Ideas Festival, A Look in the Mirror, in April 2018 and will be attending University of California, Santa Cruz this fall.
Susan Brakel
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / California Academy of Math and Science / Bellflower, CA
I am always looking for ways to reach students better, to make them love reading and enjoy the work of learning how to write more carefully and expressively. 
Susan has been an English teacher for sixteen years, and currently serves as the College Bound adviser at her school. She enjoys playing beach volleyball, tennis, hiking, kayaking, and snorkeling. Susan is looking forward to retirement and hopes to write a play, and embrace new solutions to the social problem of recidivism.
Felix De Simone
STUDENT SCHOLAR / New Buffalo High School / Sawyer, MI
I am proud of my heightened level of commitment to political and social change. My experience throughout the election season shaped me into a much more active individual, unafraid to stand up for my beliefs. 
Felix is a voracious reader, passionate about music, and an active member of the political community. He has played saxophone since the 6th grade, and sung in a number of musical productions. He previously served on the Teen Advisory Board to the New Buffalo Township Library, competed on an Envirothon team. Felix is expected to graduate from Oberlin college in 2022.
Richard Eberly
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / New Buffalo High School / Sawyer, MI
I strongly believe in cumulative intelligence, and the more we share our ideas and projects with other programs and schools, the better we will be equipped to guide students through the process of solving current problems of our society. 
Richard has been an educator for twenty years, driving community outreach and projects at New Buffalo High School through multiple programs. He's overseen more than a dozen Michigan Envirothon teams, and thirteen years of National Science Foundation-funded nuclear accelerator outreach through Notre Dame. Some of the projects in his classroom include building three-dimensional robotic printers, bioremeditaion of diesel fuel with mushroom inoculated hay bales, and solar collectors.
Taiwo Odunowo
STUDENT SCHOLAR / Orange High School / Orange, NJ
With the power of speech and the the hope for a better tomorrow, I can mobilize others to act with me. 
Taiwo was born in Nigeria and moved to the U.S. when he was nine. He was a member of student government, involved with the wrestling and soccer teams at his school, and still is lover of math. He started a tutoring program for his peers, which has become a profitable success. He enjoys cooking and baking, as well as writing poetry. He is working on his Persian recipes. Taiwo hopes to focus future efforts on the eradication of racial discrimination in his community, and is looking forward to becoming a member of Stanford University's class of 2022.
Hooman Behzadpour
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / Orange High School / Orange, NJ
Surely, there are many amazing ideas that others are successfully implementing that I have not even thought of, and by collaborating with other like-minded teachers, I will be able to further aid my students, both in the classroom, and beyond. 
Hooman has been a math educator for five years. He describes calculus as a beautiful subject, as it ties all the topics together. He enjoys all things mathematical, including chess, logic puzzles, and mind games.
Andrew Altman
STUDENT SCHOLAR / Baltimore City College High School / Baltimore, MD
The person I am today is someone who appreciates diversity. English, Hindi, Yiddish, Hebrew and "G'day mate" are spoken at the dinner table. These assorted identifications give me a sense of tolerance - I see the value and grace in each. 
Andrew was founder of the Jewish Student Union at his school, participated in Model UN, was a member of Boy Scouts of America, and reported for his school newspaper, "The Collegian." He has worked with the Maryland Department of Veteran Affairs, and is passionate about supporting the veteran community. He also founded a business to sell used library books online. He's excited to pursue his passions of coding, technology, and Sci-Fi literature during his gap year. His hidden talent? Singing!
Jennifer Gaither
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / Baltimore City College High School / Baltimore, MD
Baltimore City needs a new way of helping students reach their full potential, and I feel like I am in the unique position of being able to help. 
Jennifer serves as her school's librarian and supports students in completing the International Baccalaureate requirements for graduation. She is always looking for new resources to support her students in completing their essays and service work. She finds laughter to be one of the best tools in teaching new skills.
Amal Altareb
STUDENT SCHOLAR / Memphis Central High School / Memphis, TN
With students from so many different countries in my ESL class, I learned a seemingly obvious lesson: that understanding and tolerance comes with acquaintance, with just talking to each other, with being open-minded and willing to share our identities with each other.
Amal was born in Oakland – raised in Yemen, and moved to Memphis, TN in 2012. Amal shares that she sees a similarity between Memphis and Yemen – a quest for justice. She participated in the International Olympiada of Spoken Russian in Moscow, is passionate about Courageous Conversations, is a member of the organization Facing History and Ourselves, and encouraging the celebration of diversity. Amal was involved in multiple history and community programs and clubs, and was a member of the Slavic Honor Society and International Club at her high school. Amal is excited to attend Yale University starting in the fall.
Mary Olson McIntosh
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / Memphis Central High School / Memphis, TN
Becoming a Bezos Scholar Educator will allow me to deepen conversation - and connection - with youth and teachers around the nation and the world. 
Mary has been an educator for fifteen years, and in her current position as Social Studies teacher for six. She was raised in Myanmar and the Fiji Islands. She is passionate about telling the accurate stories of lynchings and race relations in her community of Memphis. She works on a program writing curriculum focused on discussion and activities that improve school culture, and coaches students to be classroom ambassadors.
Samantha Casas
STUDENT SCHOLAR / Irma L. Rangel Young Women's Leadership School / Dallas, TX
Find out the real me has been a journey...there are the obvious traits that I love. There are some traits that hide a little further down. I am a product of my environment of strong women and a close family.
Samantha has been a member of the school's robotics team for five years, participating in the NEST curriculum event at her school as a moderator, and was a team member of Steel City Pops. She studied abroad in South Korea through the National Security Language Initiative, and interned with a local civil engineering firm last summer. She held a part-time job at an artisan popsicle shop! Samantha expects to graduate Boston University in 2022.
Ann Marano
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / Irma L. Rangel Young Women's Leadership School / Dallas, TX
The Bezos Scholars Program affords me the opportunity to empower my students to be change agents on their college and university campuses. 
Ann has been an educator for twenty seven years, and served in her current role as College Bound advisor for eight. For her work in this role, she has been tapped to present nationally on college access and funding, especially for DACA/DAPA populations. She was a guest of the admissions office for the February 2017 College Counselor Fly In to NYU Abu Dhabi. Ann also supports the NEST curriculum at her school, which teaches young people how to avoid being trafficked and how to stand up for victims of human trafficking.
Dylan Hess
STUDENT SCHOLAR / Wheat Ridge High School / Wheat Ridge, CO
Suicide and mental illness are close to my heart. Giving up is a solution to a problem that is only temporary. I hope to mobilize others to act with me - not only would it empower me, but it would show others that there is always hope. 
Dylan plays eight instruments, plays in multiple school bands, sits on the Student Senate as a council member, and works part time. He volunteers annually at 4-H camp and loves to teach kids about the healing aspects of being outside in nature. Dylan created and executed a school-supported day to talk about mental health struggles and supports and will be attending Western State Colorado University in the fall.
Rebecca Ugander
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / Wheat Ridge High School / Wheat Ridge, CO
My biggest hope from my experience with the Bezos Scholars Program, which I believe will be easily and quickly realized, is the inspiration that great minds, great kids, and great opportunity will bring inside my classroom doors.
Rebecca has been teaching for twenty one years, and has been in her current role as teacher of French for seven. She is so much more than a French teacher - she is a safe place for students, and has the rocking chair in her classroom to prove it! Rebecca has mentored new teachers, served as a union representative for her school, and participated in curriculum-writing committees.
Winnie Msamba
STUDENT SCHOLAR / African Leadership Academy / Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
I believe there is massive power to a single individual who believes in making a difference even at the time the majority don't believe so. 
Winnie is from Tanzania, has always enjoyed programming and web development. She believes programming is one of the most powerful weapons that humans have available to us to respond to world issues. To this end, Winnie wanted to utilize her skills and knowledge in joining Apps and Girls to start her own project to fight discrimination against fistula victims, and provide a voice and awareness to women who suffer loss of dignity due to fistula. Additionally, she is passionate about using innovation to tackle the negative effects of climate change. Winnie was a representative on the International Relation Council, and is now taking a gap year.
Diana Spencer
STUDENT SCHOLAR / African Leadership Academy / Dakar, Senegal
I am motivated to succeed because I want to impact other people's lives. One cannot reach success unless it goes beyond oneself. 
Diana is from Dakar, Senegal. She is fluent in English, French, Wolof, and Creole. She is passionate about African studies and the question of identity, is actively working to improve her communication and public speaking skills, and enjoys helping others build these skills. She worked with Senegalese orphans for several months teaching literacy courses. Diana feels strongly about the important role of art and music in education, and their necessity in a young person's self-development. Diana has been a delegate for the International Relation Council, was a member of the athletics club at ALA, and interned at last year's South African Ideas Festival. In the fall, Diana will start at the University of Notre Dame
Felix Morara
STUDENT SCHOLAR / African Leadership Academy / Nakuru, Kenya
I am a product of people with expectations. I have dreams; some which I own and some built by by those I've grown around, but which I've learned to own. 
Felix comes from Nakuru, Kenya. One of his strongest passions is to provide legitimate income sources to young people, and so he partnered with local government to start youth-targeting ventures, such as community gardens, and peer-counseling spaces. He enjoys chemistry and the role it plays in understanding and combating diseases. Felix sees a disconnect between career paths, tertiary education, and high school course work. He hopes to enable students to focus on generalized subjects in elementary school levels, and begin to focus-in on career path related course work in high school and beyond. Felix sang in the ALA choir, participated in the Drama Club, and wrote for the publication "Smartpreneurs." Felix looks forward to attending Yale University.
Chernor Diallo
STUDENT SCHOLAR / African Leadership Academy / Monrovia, Liberia
I want to leave the world a better place than I found it. I want to help young people fulfill their dreams and help their communities, which will contribute to making Africa a better place. 
Chernor is from Monrovia, Liberia. He especially enjoys studying economics and their relation to improving the communities and continent of Africa. While serving as chairman of the student body council in his high school, Chernor worked to improve conditions in the cafeteria, so that all students might have a place to sit and eat. Not only did he accomplish this goal - his team was able to repaint the entire school building, and install white boards for the first time in classrooms! He feels strongly that literacy is a pathway out of poverty, and hopes to increase access to education, including for adults, to increase opportunity. Chernor participated on the ALA quizzing and debate teams. In the fall, Chernor will begin attending the University of Rochester.
Kim Hoffman
EDUCATOR SCHOLAR / African Leadership Academy / Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
As the coach to the Bezos Scholars, I'm specifically excited about the prospect of being able to walk this journey with the new team. It will afford me the opportunity to learn and grow with them as they prepare for the South African Ideas Festival 2018.
Kim serves as the Student Enterprise Program manager in the Entrepreneurial Leadership department at the African Leadership Academy. She coaches students through identifying and assessing markets, and then prototyping solutions to market needs and opportunities, and developing personal leadership skills. Kim is also an avid photographer!

 11/17/20  bezos announces first grants in one of world's largest climate funds

SECRETS FROM AMAZON who's ai hearing who at alexis ai

Last year Rohit Prasad was ranked 9 and colleague, Tony Reid, was ranked 10 in Fast Company's 100 Most Creative People in Business.

twitter-logoBusinessToday.In | July 26, 2018 | Updated 12:25 IST -FROM BUSINESSTODAY.IN
Meet Rohit Prasad from Ranchi, the creator of Amazon Alexa

Amazon's Alexa has taken the world, including India, by storm since its release in 2014. From commanding it to play music to control your smart appliances, Alexa is the next gen technology that is poised to make one's life simpler. While the fanfare for Alexa is quite obvious and noticeable, did you know that Alexa has a very strong Indian connection? Alexa was created by Rohit Prasad, along with colleague Tony Reid.

Prasad has been serving as the Vice President and Head Scientist in Alexa Artificial Intelligence since May 2016. He is at the helm of research and development in speech recognition, natural language understanding, and machine learning technologies aimed at improving customers' experiences with Echo devices, powered by Alexa.