Friday, November 2, 2018

I had the honor or speaking today at the High-Level International Symposium on Doing Business Reform in Beijing. Our just-released 2019 Doing Business report reveals 128 countries implemented 314 reforms to business regulations between June 2, 2017, and May 1, 2018 – a record year! Host China was among them and rose 32 spots to rank 46th out of 190 economies. Our Doing Business and Human Capital Indexes have taught us that regardless how complex an area is, it can be measured—and that measuring and ranking economies promotes accountability, transparency and reform. While no one size fits all for business regulation reforms, countries that do well in our Doing Business Index share certain features: strong leadership, long-term vision, proactive action planning, systematic results tracking, communicating achievements, and extensive engagement with the private sector. Given the accelerating pace of reform, countries are increasingly fostering an environment where entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises can thrive -- which is essential to ending extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity around the world. Take a look at our 2019 Doing Business results: http://wrld.bg/zQ9I30mtmqY

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