Roughly half of world comprises four by 1 billion: girls, young women. mothers, grandmoms- HYPOTHESIS 2020s economistamerica.com needs now to celebrate freedom of young metoo lives matter. Try to stay out of the way of Men's supreme triad Donald , Vladamir, Yong. Maths at Codesmeta.com.Dad, The Economist's Norman Macrae would have been 100 in 2023 (see below Glasgow celebration MES). Da'ds first trip to USA: 1951 year secondemnt by The Economist. He met Von Neumann: they agreed greatest sccopp journalists would ever mediate - what GOOD will peoples do with 100 times more tech every decade : 1930s to 2020s. GOD measnt a lot to both men- Von Neumann had less than 6 years left to deliver good tech legacy from the Goats of maths (including Einstein, Turing); these immigramnts had aminly been forced to work on the bad of nucleasr weapons; my dad had spent his last dayas as a teen in bomber command naviagting airplanes our of Burma; as well as survival his good fortune mapsd of the old woirld's tri-contiment in his head; notably the indo pacific whose coastline three quarters of humans depended on for world trade but which particularly britain had enginee4rd to enrich the west and trap asians in poverty- still with 100 times more good tech to go round - could everyone win-win; for example webbing life critical knowhow locally multiplies value in use unlike consuming up things. HOW DID DAD FOLLOW UP Neuman's Gift. He chered on twin AI Labs facing pacific out of stanford (eg see 10th birthday celebration of place branded silicon valley) and facing atlantic out of MIT. His bio of V neuman has been published in American and japanese. He wrote over 2000 anonymous leaders for The Economist and aged 39 was permitted one signed survey a year. You can see ost of tehse at tecahforsdgs.com- what did he write about? In the 1960s countries whose peoples had worried him most -starting with the Jpanese he had bomber consider Jpana 1962 (Russia 1963, latin Am 1964 , Algeria & S SAfrica; he concluded 1960s interviwing how dismally different Nixon's economit admin had been from jfk - the least national leader to celebartae with youyth 100 times more (moon race, mapping worldwide interdependence).Ironically Neumann's computational gift was sperading a macroeconomic numbers man whose systems compounded opposite of sustainability. Rather than argue with american academai- dad rebranded his purpose as future historian and entrepreneurial revolutionary. Still the main question search through 70s and up to 83 wgat good 100 times more. Then to offere a diferent end game to orewell's big brother we co-austhored from 18=984 2025 reports- -webs we expected to be designed from 1990; opportumities and threats of milennials first quarter centiry - the first sustainability generation or the first extintion generation. Join in the final tipping points now- support UN2.0 ,educatirs on web3 and metaverse, indsutrial revolution 4, society 5.0 depending which culture you come from and whether you traingularise valuation of 8 billion beings by corpoiarte ESG , civil society emwpoermemnt or what gov2.0 does gov

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Paradox - back in 1972 1 billion girls started networking the most sustainable collaborations ecer seen - they chnahed aid and education, and built last mile health sercices; by defition their economy represnts families/community buiulding of quarter of human being (1 billion women and men) but because of the way finaciers count things the world's colaboration solutiosn to teh sustainability crisis represent way less than 5% of the monetary economy - even when eg bkash mapsd the world's largest cashless bank in terms ogf population served

For more on this cris help the UN digitalis in time for every government to benchmark the future of sustainability - see www,economistin.com or www.codesmeta.com or www.abedmooc.com or www.econo9mistdoar.com or www.teacforsdgs.com - or ask for a free half hour zoom tour around sustainability best news - chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - washington dc and flatiron new york

Ps Those who read The Economiost from 1951 will have expereinced how its jopurnalists were mentore dby Von Neumann to ask eladers what to do wityh 100 times more tech per decade = tahts a million times mo0re per generation crossover of 30 yeras; you may also notice that from Economist Asia Rising surveys started in 1982 that sup0ercoty anjd supervilalge models forts befan to connect the coastal belt from japan to singpaore thanks to such knmowledge networking asd alumni of brolaufg and deming; the problem on the contiennt of asia as foreseen by sdhumacher how scale rural vilages without access to electricity - it turned out that as well aas borlaug gorl em[owerment needed epidemnologits eg see heroic asian consequence sof larry brillainat and James Grant and anc the chnage of focus of Asia's leading young engineer from serving Roral Gutch Shell Oil Compay to 50 yeras of networking barefoot Asian women... abedmooc.com searches out the 30 happoiest collabo9ratiosn - orts a game of 2 halces to late in teh 20th centiry all networking was person to person due to vilages having neither electrioctory or telecoms; tio start 21st c abed founded a universoty connecting the most concerened solar and mobile leapfrom solkutuiibs ecer cdelebrated by sdg advocates and billion poorest women's families