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2025report (est 1983 Economist) final ed invites update ED's 1982 Economist Survey with Doerrs & others )Why Not Silicon Valley Everywhere/
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Sunday, December 31, 2000

Library 2. 0 - Steve Hargadon <>
5 Sep at 13:02

We're excited to announce our third Library 2.018 mini-conference: "Social Crisis Management in a 21st Century World," which will be held online (and for free) on Wednesday, October 17th, from 12:00 - 3:00 pm US-Pacific Daylight Time (click for your own time zone).

This event is being organized in partnership with Patty Wong, Director of Library Services at Santa Monica Public Library.

Our human condition has changed dramatically and has implications for libraries of all types on a global scale. Food insecurity and hunger, housing policies and homelessness, violence, mental health service needs, social, economic, educational and racial equity, substance abuse and drug overdose – all of these and many more challenges impact the people who frequent our libraries – as customers, students, faculty, and staff. Operational decisions continue to be influenced by social concerns. Join us for a series of conversations on how libraries have developed, responded, and championed programs and services to address some of these social crises and learn about outcomes. What’s the new normal for libraries in this world of social and economic disparity? Has it altered or enhanced our core mission?

This is a free event, being held online.
to attend live or to receive the recording links afterwards. Please also join this Library 2.0 network to be kept updated on this and future events.

We invite all library professionals, employers, LIS students, and educators to participate in this event. The call for proposals is now open HERE.

Participants are encouraged to use #library2018 and #librarysocialcrisis on their social media posts leading up to and during the event.


Patty Wong
Director of Library Services for the Santa Monica Public Library (California)

Patricia Wong is the Director of Library Services for the Santa Monica Public Library (SMPL) system in California. Previously, she served as the Yolo County Library Director for nine years. Before her tenure leading the nine locations of the Yolo County Library system, Wong was the Deputy Director of Library Services of the Stockton-San Joaquin County Public Library. There, she managed the daily operations of the Central Library and its 12 branches. She has also held positions as Library Program Manager for Children’s Services in the Oakland Public Library and Supervising Librarian and Children’s Librarian for the Berkeley Public Library. Wong has co-authored nearly a dozen publications and has held many elected posts for national organizations such as the American Library Association, the United States Board on Books for Young People, and the Chinese American Librarians Association. She has also held a part-time faculty position at San Jose State University’s iSchool of Library and Information Science. In 2013, she received the California Library Association’s Member of the Year Award. Wong holds both a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Library and Information Science from UC Berkeley.

Ryan Dowd
Executive Director of Hesed House

Ryan is the Executive Director of a large homeless shelter outside of Chicago, Illinois. ​He regularly travels the country training libraries, police departments, schools and other organizations on how to work compassionately with difficult homeless individuals. ​Ryan is the author of the ALA book, The Librarian's Guide to Homelessness. 

Rebekkah Smith Aldrich
Executive Director at the Mid-Hudson Library System in New York

Rebekkah Smith Aldrich, MLS, is the Executive Director at the Mid-Hudson Library System in New York where for 20 years she has assisted 66 public libraries in the areas of governance, management, funding and facilities. Rebekkah is a certified Sustainable Building Advisor (NaSBA), Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) and a holds an advanced certificate in Public Library Administration from the Palmer School of Library and Information Science at Long Island University. Rebekkah is the Library Sustainability columnist for Library Journal, author of Sustainable Thinking: Ensuring Your Library's Future in an Uncertain World [ALA Editions], Resilience (part of American Library Association's Center for the Future Series) [ALA Editions], author of the Handbook for New Public Library Directors in New York State and co-author of the Handbook for Library Trustees in New York State. Rebekkah is co-founder of the New York Library Associaton's Sustainability Initiative and in 2017-2018 Rebekkah served as co-chair of the ALA Special Task Force on Sustainability. Rebekkah is a Library Journal Mover & Shaker and past president of the Leadership & Management Section (LAMS) of the New York Library Association. 

The School of Information at San José State University is the founding conference sponsor. Please register as a member of the Library 2.0 network to be kept informed of future events. Recordings from previous years are available under the Archives tab at Library 2.0 and at the Library 2.0 YouTube channel.

2000 our permanent space for tracking millennials progress out of s. and central america

1 peru lands world bank start iof year meetings 2015- since 1968 mindset home of Guttierez POP (Preferential Option Poor) - the sustainable systems auditing design of Jim Kim World bank, Paul Farmer Partners in Health, ad Pope Francis- closely associated withe Bangladesh barefoot professionals approach; and economically related to China's Agrarian Keynsianism
Diary note at end of september (few weeks before Peru host world bank meetings) Pope Francis visits the UN summit billed as its greatest change ever; provides US Congress a lecture; and obama an audience

2 continental yabt - the most promising millennials (general as opposed to one practce such as medical) social (collaboration entrepreneur) movement across a content- started by a young peruvian and columbian at start of 2000s- now coordimnated out of oas in DC as is the - a gutsy development bank for the Americas (see egt its annual demand solutions summit in december) currently led by a colombian who has led global poverty curriculum partnership with san francisco's blum center at berkeley

3 haiti the first twin partner of everything boston learns about medicins; followed in americas by Peru ( in africa rwanda), in Russia (Prisoner/Jail networks -an open society initiative of Soros and Gorbachev)

4 Chile ENSGlobal working hardest to develop university and other curriculum that Pope Francis and POP millennials would be proud of - typical agreements- parnershiop exchnage with ecuador schools led by formet country preseident; curriculum codeshare with a leading unbiversity in Brazil; dialogues with Rome Youth Entrepreneur networks closest to Pope Francis team demands of education

5 Brazil - 500 women startups partnership with san francisco -origin of world social forum which Buka twinned with world economic forum by relaying between summits causing the unintended consequence of schwab fund raising for a stable of social entrepreneurs but an interesting 5 trade exchange BRICS - why doesnt every country's leader celebrate best for that country 5 nation trades -while some of these nations may need swapping every decade o so identifying Brazil and China as direct developers of each others millennials seem wonderfully cool/green

Thursday, November 30, 2000

nov 2000 is for tracking millennials pan americas progress BEST YOUTH CONTINENT WIDE AND 21st C COLLABORATION ENTREPREURSHIP
(unless you know beter rsvp ) 

continent process of YABT -near the start of the 21st C when a peruvian youth foilowed by a colombian youth landed in dc with letters from their governments demanding a pan continental youth entrepreneur contest and debriefing every 3 years at the summit of heads of state -this has become the most exciting collaboration entrepreneur process across a continent -here's news from youth meet up with heads of states Panama Summit April 2015
Edición Marzo - Abril de 2015View English version
Edición Especial
IV Foro de Jóvenes de las Américas

Jóvenes adoptan Declaración de Juventud en la VII Cumbre de las Américas
Jóvenes adoptan Declaración de Juventud en la VII Cumbre de las Américas
El IV Foro de Jóvenes de las Américas (IV Foro) tuvo lugar los días 8 y 9 de abril de 2015 en la Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá en el marco de la VII Cumbre de las Américas. Más de 400 jóvenes representaron alrededor de 5.000 jóvenes de todos los Estados Miembros de la OEA para elevar su voz al más alto nivel de gobierno. Y por primera vez en la historia, jóvenes cubanos participaron en el proceso de la Cumbre de las Américas.

Como resultado del IV Foro, los jóvenes adoptaron la "Declaración de Juventud de Panamá" y un plan de acción.
Descárgate la revista del IV Foro
Descárgate la revista del IV Foro
Si no pudiste acompañarnos en persona, te invitamos a leer las Memorias del IV Foro y echarle un vistazo a nuestra publicación oficial del IV Forodisponible en español e inglés.
Jóvenes presentan Declaración de Juventud a las autoridades
Jóvenes presentan Declaración de Juventud a las autoridades
El 9 de abril, cinco jóvenes líderes de Panamá, Chile y Cuba presentaron los principales aportes de cada uno de los Grupos de Trabajo ante el recién electo Secretario General de la OEA, S.E. Luis Almagro. Este encuentro se consolidó como su primera participación con los jóvenes y YABT.

En la Ceremonia de Clausura del IV Foro, los jóvenes hicieron entrega de la Declaración de Juventud a S.E. Juan Carlos Varela, Presidente de Panama, S.E. Luis Guillermo Solís, Presidente de Costa Rica. Asimismo, se contó con la presencia de S.E. Jose Miguel Insulza, Secretario General de la OEA, y Jorge Familiar, Vicepresidente del Banco Mundial. Este acto subrayó la importancia de la juventud para la definición de la agenda hemisférica

El 10 de abril y como parte del Foro de la Sociedad y de los Actores Sociales, los jóvenes presentaron la Declaración de la Juventud, en donde participaron los presidentes de Colombia, Estados Unidos y Panamá.
TIC Americas concluye exitosamente su X edición
Consulta virtual
Un total de 2.734 equipos presentaron sus proyectos en respuesta a los ejes temáticos de la VII Cumbre de las Américas y divididos en cuatro categorías: Innovación Económica, Innovación Social, Emprendimiento Cultural de las Américas y Eco-Reto.

Para las finales, 32 equipos de 17 países tuvieron la oportunidad de participar en el IV Foro y hacer su pitch ante los presidentes, altos ejecutivos, inversionistas, medios de prensa y organismos multilaterales en busca de oportunidades de inversión, alianzas y visibilidad internacional.No te pierdas estas fotos exclusivas de la Expo de TIC Americas.

YABT agradece el apoyo y la confianza brindada por nuestros socios, el Banco Mundial, el Gobierno de Panamá, la Secretaría General de la OEA, la Secretaría Ejecutiva para el Desarrollo Integral de la OEA y Dell por hacer del IV Foro una realidad. Asimismo, queremos extender nuestros agradecimientos a PepsiCo, Central American Bottling Corporation y nuestro nuevo socio, Postobón S.A., por apoyar el potencial del emprendimiento juvenil a través del Eco-Reto 6.0.
Conoce a los Ganadores del X TIC Americas
Consulta virtual
Los 12 ganadores del X TIC Americas fueron: MedRegis (Barbados) y PlataformaSaude (Brasil) en la categoría de Innovación Social; Agrocentral (Jamaica) y TeachLr (Venezuela) en la categoría de Innovación Económica; Mayan Pitz (Guatemala) en la categoría de Emprendimiento Cultural de las Américas; Kapokara (Ecuador) como favorito de la audiencia. Para la categoría de Eco-Reto 6.0, los ganadores fueron L.O.O.P (Perú), Cocumo (Venezuela), EVA de (Brasil), AllGreenUp (Chile), Eco-Vida (Nicaragua) y Water Pacifics (Colombia).
Se unen el BID y YABT para apoyar jóvenes en el Caribe
Durante el panel de Enlaces de Liderazgo +Social Good en el IV Foro, Ignacio de León, especialista del Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo (BID), anunció la cooperación entre el BID y YABT para brindar apoyo a los jóvenes del Caribe.
La OEA y la Universidad de Kookmin (Corea del Sur) ofrecen becas para un Boot-Camp de 7 semanas este verano. La fecha límite es el 21 de mayo. Saber más

Global Good Fund busca emprendedores para su programa de entrenamiento y coaching. La fecha límite es el 2 de junio. Saber más

Plan Internacional te invita a participar en el III Concurso de Fotografía y Exhibición "Por ser Niña". La fecha límite es el 29 de agosto. Saber más

March - April, 2015Ver versión en Español
Special Edition
The IV Young Americas Forum 

Young People adopted the Youth Declaration at the VII Summit of the Americas
Jóvenes adoptan Declaración de Juventud en la VII Cumbre de las Américas
The IV Young Americas Forum (IV Forum) took place in April 8-9, 2015 in Panama City, Panama within the framework of the VII Summit of the Americas. More than 400 youth delegates representing over 5,000 young people from all OAS Member States raise their voice at the highest level of government. And for the first time in history, young Cubans participated in the process of the Summit of the Americas.

As a result of the IV Forum, young people adopted the "Youth Declaration of Panama" and an action plan.
Download the IV Forum Magazine
Descárgate la revista del IV Foro
If you could not join us in person, we invite you to read the Memories of the IV Forum and have a look at our official publication of the IV Forumavailable in Spanish and English.
Youth presented the IV Forum Declaration to the authorities
Jóvenes presentan Declaración de Juventud a las autoridades
On April 9, five young leaders from Panama, Chile and Cuba presented the main contributions of each Working Groups before the newly elected Secretary General of the OAS, H.E. Luis Almagro. This meeting was consolidated as his first activity with youth and YABT.

In the closing ceremony of the IV Forum, young people handed out the Youth Declaration to H.E. Juan Carlos Varela, President of Panama, H.E. Luis Guillermo Solis, President of Costa Rica. OAS Secretary General Jose Miguel Insulza and World Bank Vice-presidente Jorge Familiar also took part in this ceremony. Their participation in this event highlighted the importance of youth in defining the hemispheric agenda.

On April 10, as part of Civil Society Forum, two young leaders presented the Youth Declaration, where the presidents of Colombia, the United States and Panama participated.
TIC Americas successfully concluded its X edition
Consulta virtual
A total of 2,734 teams presented their projects in response to the subthemes of the VII Summit of the Americas and were divided into four categories: Economic Innovation, Social Innovation, Cultural Entrepreneurship in the Americas and Eco-Challenge.

For the finals, 32 teams from 17 countries partipated in the IV Forum. In doing so, they made their pitch to presidents, CEOs, investors, media and multilateral organizations officials, which opened a window of opportunity or every finalist team to access investment, partnerships, and international visibility. Do not miss these exclusive photos of the TIC Americas Expo.

YABT appreciates the support and trust placed by its partners, the World Bank, the Government of Panama, the General Secretariat of the OAS, the Executive Secretariat for Integral Development of the OAS and Dell, in making the IV Forum a reality. We also extend our thanks to PepsiCo, Central American Bottling Corporation and our new partner, Postobón S.A., for sponsoring the Eco-Challenge 6.0.
Meet the winners of the X TIC Americas
Consulta virtual
The 12 winners of the X TIC Americas are: MedRegis (Barbados) and PlataformaSaude (Brazil) for Social Innovation; Agrocentral (Jamaica) and TeachLr (Venezuela) for Economic Innovation; Mayan Pitz (Guatemala) for the Americas Cultural Entrepreneurship Award; and Kapokara (Ecuador) as the People's Choice Award. The winners for the Eco-Challenge are: L.O.O.P (Peru), Cocumo (Venezuela), EVA Water (Brazil), AllGreenUp (Chile), Eco-Vida (Nicaragua) and Water Pacifics (Colombia).
YABT and the IDB work together to support youth
During the panel "Leadership Links + Social Good – Further actions", Ignacio de León from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) announced the cooperation agreement between YABT and the IDB to support young entrepreneurs in the Caribbean.
The OAS and Kookmin University (South Korea) offer scholarships for a 7-week Summer Boot-Camp on Entrepreneurship. Deadline is due May 21.Learn more

The Global Good Fund is recruiting entrepreneurs for its 2016 fellowship program. Deadline is due June 2. Learn More