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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

testimonies of public service washington dc

ratcliffe accuses ukraine president of lying - ratcliffe should be banned 
doug collins head of justiciary com misrepresents everything said today-pathetic wimp...

george kent 27 years of public service - family of kents served for 60 + years
pursuit of enduring national interests and ukraine in that situation - rebirth of a country an a post soviet world -sad to see some american launch attacks for their own busienss interests and against the joint national interests of ukriane and usa

refer marshall plan rules based system after world war 2 - europes security and prosperity supported us prosperity

wall fell 30 years ago
we need ukraine whole free and at peace

as we enetre period of great power competrition we cant take any country for granted

ukraine civuil society respodned to chalenge of javing 7% of their vountry invaded by russia
13000 ukrainainas died on tehir soil since invasion
without lafayettes' assiatnce to washingtin unclear usa would have succeeded independence from uk

support brave tresistanjc e of ujraine we have front row wseat - in 2019 ukraine passed torch to new presi9dent 41 yera old president solensky - cabinet average age og 39 - yeras after revolution of dignity

promotion of rule of law so necessaary for our inetraction with ukraine
energy cyner informaation shperes critical to development of ujkraine

too mch at stake for uktraine, euriope as well as usa
prior deposition for 10 hours
-10 tipline points inclde
us efirst to counter cirrruption focuis on buiding ishtitiotiona capaciuty

cooruptioan in ukraine oncuded d=bafrsima owner sinec 2014- frowzen assets-
in 2015 i raised ocncern hunetr biden on board in 2015- my main concern was reopen case against fundedr of barisma

from 2018 became ware og hyiulainai running smean caopamoaign against our ambassador- by now corrupt ukrainianas rejoined giuliani effirts-

27th subpoena stae depat has all the doucments;

amabassaor yavnaonic lt col lindman and hill - appl trasnparent punlci servants - they afre 21st c heors of 2 gainst kissinger and brevisnky- honorable traidtion of tarsnatkantic ties goes back to 18th c new workd europeans
ambassador william taylor
my sole purpose to proviude facts about iciudents in question and startegic im[portance of ukraine- 50 yeras ago i served at wets ponint - to today state department to 2009-
appointed by every loerdinent from reagaion to trump
ukraine startegic partner of usa and euriope- friontine of enwly agressive russia
russia over last 4 yeras attacking ukrainanas- i saw this last week in ukraine where soldier kiled
dempnstarting we are ukraines relaiable and atartgeic p-artner

i wrote it would be craty to mix privaate agenda with natuoanl inetersts
pompeo asked me in may to return as chioef of misison of ukraine
(2013 putin attemptred to bribe ukraine persident who then fleed to russia not befoer killing 100 urhainaians in kiev)
in 20154 putin invadeed part of ukraine
9Region dombas)
it was teghse russiand who kileed 298 people on malaysian airliner
in 2014 we and nato began training and equipment support to ukrainanans
regukare ulrainan people rebuilt tehir army spending 5% gdp since 2014
since 2014 us congress provided 1,6 billion dolasr assisatce - small unit training aamgunalknes radar and finallay weapons
during 2014-2016 i urged obama to start delivering weapons
i was pleased when trum admin added to this at start of admin
so when pompeo asked be bavck in may 2019 it was difficult decision- my wife opposed the idea; my mentir counciled if countryasks you to do something you do if you can be effecetive
this farmed myd ecisioj would pompeo may 28 (and would he counter guulaini)
he assured me of support - with atht iunderstanding i agtred to go to kiev charger affare interime (effectively amabssdao9r protem)
i brought trump letetr congratialung new president and inviting hiw to meet at whoet house
but soon i found complext things going on
- excitiemnt in kiev with perdident removing previous corrupt policies
but usa was now networking 2 ways - reggular in my charge , irregeualr team giulainai

our formal cjannel has had bipartisian support sinve ukraine independece 1991

kurt volker rick perry   ... and giulaini foring irreugalr channels -operating outside offi9cial state dept channels

intially everyine urged president trump] to meet the new ukjraine president -
by august it was clear the chanels had diverged

june 27/28 sondland told me ukraine predsidt needed to make clear he wasntatsnnding in way of investigations- 28th pres solensky -   july 2 volker explicit instriction (get to bottom of thongs) to be done before white house meeting-

by mid july clear meeting uktraine peresident wanted conditional on investigating baripsma and alleged ukraine interference us election

around jul 18 heard assistance congtress voted for had been postponed by president
irregular policy chanel now running counter to gaols of reguolar policy

satte appartmet confimred assistance was effective - precentuon of asisatence lasted well in to septmeber

by late july? hold came from chied of staff mulvaney
ambassador bolton refernce to this being ;ime a "drug deal"

needless to say all very confusing to ukrainaina
s sondalnd part of irregular channel

3 ways whats app conversation volker sondland and taylor- volker siad it was most important ukr president sayb he would helpo investigation
- no ste untjurend recommended jul20

july 20 ujraine pres siad he didnt want to be used for doemstic us politics
july 25 short krypitic summary of call
july 26 ukr president asked about news on meeting atb white house

rusians were continuiing to kill ukrainanas for july 26
july 28 tim mkorrosonj fisrt6 summary of call -this was when trump tol ukd president to tgalk to giulaini and pres barr - i dein nit transcripts of call to last week of septmebre

by mid auguist assiatnce hold for iover a month for no reason i udnersatood- oi caled dept state aug 21
on aug 22 convrsation ewith morroson - it teramins to be seen if etere is a change of ppli9cy (presi9dent doenst want any asusiatnce at all)
this trubled me as it broke my logic as with origianl postion agreed with pompoe

aug 29 recoemened by boldton to sned cabloe to9 pompoeo- russiuans would love to see humailiation of ukr presidence at hands of americans
on aug 29 hiold was ade public
on spet 1 pres zolenski met pence bilatera meeting warsaw-
(funds die to expite spet 30)

reado ut sept 1 - pres kolenski asked pence did not respond subsratantifvely thervthan i pence will talk to trump
-it was soon reteated assiatence would not come until pres to commit to pusrue barisma investigations)
sept 1 ia sked sondland asking if both asisstance and white house meeting consitional

sondlan told me trumped wanted pres sol to public annnounce investiagtaion of barisma- everything was dependenet on this- i asked sondland whether he could ask trump for more respect of ukrain preseidnet
spet 2 mr boroson infomed me pres kol concern about assiantce crisis
on spet 5 accomapnedi senatorr johns on murphy - meet koenski - bothy senatirs stressed pres kol should not get drawn into us doemstin poli9tiocs

officail poliy of us ukpraine polucy now undercut gy Giulaima

sondland said pres ukr pressuried into cnn interview
-crazy to withoild assiatnce- sondland replied 5 hours later incorecet about trump decsision -when bsuienssman about to sign check asks person to pay other things they owed
i explained this made no sense- ukrainians did nit iwe thonsg

spet 11 hold finally lifted
on spet 12 told cnn inetrview cancelled ...
spet 25 un gene assembly seesssion pres met ukr pres and released the july 25 trasbruipt - no noti9ce to pres ukr
volker sondland used term investogation (biden inquiry and urkatine election)
last friday sondland caled trump - sondland told trump ukrainans moved fowrd - trump cared more about investigations of biden -

i hope my chronology help you -see my oct 22 disposition
summary ukraine
alragets country in euripe by landmass
trying to ally iytself with europen and usa
if we velieve in soversiegnty of natuons, we must support ukraine agains iots bullying neighnor russioan'all amndins been gereous foe 30 yeras to ukrains and installed sanctioan agains russia

rankerous 2 week long story of guluilain in which urharnhaine is justa an obkect

in oethetr stoty unkraine is sublejevt young peopel prpoud to joijn west - a nation developing inclusinve nationalism nit unlike us at our best momemts - building a new country

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