LAST SUMMIT FUTURE- we come to bury science fiction only natural science ai matters to those who love millennials notes it took 10 quarters of a century for USA to listen to intel of 1 billiongirls; fortunately this happened in Clara's town the patron saint of health for mothers & infants also the Pacific Coast East birthplace of 1965 Moore's chips, and 2016 Hoppers 80 billion chip Gpu. In the most exciting, at invite you to Gamify worldclassllm by celebrating greatest herstories through every community on earth's new & old worlds
2025report (est 1983 Economist) final ed invites update ED's 1982 Economist Survey with Doerrs & others )Why Not Silicon Valley Everywhere/
See the world of Jensen, Li , Hassabis &&& Neumann survey What good will humans unite wherever get first access to 100+ times more tech every decade: Jensen liftoff 1996 Li & Hassabis (DeepTrain Computers) first seen in valley 2009; moment1 2012 Global Games Imagenet, moment 2a alphafold go world champon & Google Transformer Attention Before we our 1982 intervuewDoeers in 1965 the twin Clara-Tokyo .Exps appeared: Intel's 100 times moore tech per decade Tokyo olympics sighting of Satellite telecoms (EJ:see 3 leaders vision connections JFK , Prince Charles, Emperor Hiorhito) - Why not co=pilot JLHABITAT MAGIC everywhere- ie celebrate brainpower innovation maps : Jensen*Li*Hopper*Alphafold2*Blackwell*Intel*Transformer*Attention*Twins - MediateAGIChaos started up around Einsten and his revolution in margs of nature teamed up as NET: Neumann-Einstein-Turing. Sadly for 30 years the 20th C asked its 3 greatest maths brains to win atomic bomb race for allies -this left them 1951-6 to train Econonist Journalosts and others round last notes computer & brain on 2 new engines type 6 brainworking. type 7 Autonomous Intelligence Mapping
Can Economists map 8 billion human relationships to be joyful and sustainable. This centuruy old question begun by Maths Goats Neumann Eintstein et al is coming down to the wire: extinction or sustainability of speies . 2 main protagonits since 1970a billion poorest asian women have mapped quarer of the world's population's development with deeer joy and sustainability than all the wealth of American-English mindsets. Somwehere in netween the majority of human intels and almost infinet ART Intels wonder what UN2 countdown to 2030 can do next...LET's start with mapping SHELFF economies : S5 She-too womens intel built communities S3 Health: S4 Ed3 S0 LandLeaders s2 Food S1*17 Financial platforms (the 100 grey=blocks of intel between Unations & WallStreets

Friday, December 31, 3013

Economic Miracle 1billiongirls map being more productive in human development than men...2023 thanks to United Nations; 2020 start of english mindset challenge: Adapt or "Classroom Dodo"

upd  AIVERYGOOD asks whether American Peoples can be saved by WEEMM's 5 Action Learning Networks.WEEMM = Women*Engineers*Educators*Musicians*Mathematicians Awkwardly the nation can't be saved by such broken systems as politics, arms & drugs, lawyers, other top-down admin professions. So Let's simplify : let's assume rest of world's 95.5% of humans don't exist. ! Maths Goats are extremely rare and America has never trained one though in Einstein it hosted the last 25 years of the greatest: in fact the only person whose entire adulthood revealed nations maths had never been understood before 2005 - "moore" ...

.Goats of Maths
Einstein - yes
Turing probably
Neumann No
.Mathematicians don't get concerned with real world scaling (see Einstein), Enginners eg Von Neumann do. At least eo 2012 mathematicians didnt become billionnaires , they just got on with greatest brain exploration. Von Neumann probably bither at lesst 30 engineering projects -several matter of life or death like whether alies won race to atom bomb. But most important were projects that would give some communitiesd at least 100 tmes moore tech every decade to unite good around. Moores Law being the first demonstable case. Engineers who lead corporations have arguably most difficult job of all - sticking to a trillion dollars purpose advancing humanity getting diluted by all the money men.
.For humans to survive the problem is not that robots will take over. Ultimately the problem millennials face in being first renewable (or extinction bound) generation is transforming attention of education to teachers and students improving each others intelligences not paper certicaed exams. Equally all 5 of WEMM are pracices that need apprentieship. The first 7 years after becoming literate/numerate are key- can educaion and community encounter each other rather than being separated by the classroom's centuries of examining not interactioningNo proficiency is as clearly about practice as music and when it comes to pop idols and fashio everything is geared to early success and then not losing your mind to mental strains of being world famous. Right now millennilas need first debated India 2004; a budding superpop star needs twin training in at least one life long connection with people wgo serve sdgs..
IIronically 1billion greatest ever parents were village mothers in tropical asia 1972-2012 - they grassroot networked by word of mouth solutions ending poveryy of 100000 at a time (all without electricity or clean water or any advantage first 240 years of Glasgow's engines had morphed into. Steve Jobs and valley hosted 65th birthday wish party of these womens envow - would next leaps in mobile and solar tech prebtially linki intelligence of mother earth's most loving agents. Fortunately the Valley 2001-2012 asvanced AI Womens Humans Youyth even while east coast went to wars and sub-prime and ever more hateful mediaSpring 2024

STATE OF BRAINPOWER 2023 - happy 2023 all & thanks to dec 8 zoomers for helping map

Imagine 1billion girls tour of how to sustain mother earth by 2030- not hard to di in metaverse of 2025report- for now we'll try and make do with links - please tell us sightings we haven't yet seen rsvp
(edited) & 2023 state of 8 billion intels' SDGs. Bravo top 100 : ===1-10=== SW1 Neumann 100*Moore maths-GOATS alumni century (ITU HumansAI lab1plus4 since 1945-62 NY1 abed legacy alumni 2016+ aka UN2 tech envoy sec gen Guterres, Franciscans without borders and JYK legacy:: NY2 edtech aka EinsteinEdFlow 100 blocks of genius & emotional intel NY3 UArts studio@50-Flatiron Coops soundtrackny HK1 Animoca-verse; HK2; Scotland1 PotterAi united teen storytellers (aka friends DreamDao); Scotland2 265th moral sentiments alumni of Adam and James1,2 ; :: UK1 ashden and royal socs legacies before 2022-1964 Tokyo UK2RoyalAsia friiendship Courts of London Tokyo Hague; JapanYouth1 partners back from Expo25 osakatrack soc5.0; ===11-20===uae1 first lady's education campus" WISE WISH WISS... INdia1 centenaryplus of gandhi-montesorrii ceebarted lucknow 90 days end illiteracy

NEWS - Glasgow U to announce june 2023 microeducationsummit- building nations around womens productivity & Sustainability GOATS

  • as a free nation up to 1700, scots invested more of our taxes in child ed than anywhere - we continueto believe that's secret to uniting peoples & sustainability 50th year as stats guy in Ad & Ai Agency now goes meta across NY HK Dhaka, Glasgow & 10 supercity united

1 Reality is even more curious than mediating rational optimism

It starts with women empowered to build 100000 person communities at a time - to be self-sufficient, resilient and as safe for girls as for boys

revolution in aid: mainly with microfranchisee business not grants but where aid partners were found a world class solution was designed so everywhere (and every type of government and media) came to learn for 1 billionwomens development lab. This mattered because there are endeavors like education and changing infrastructure (energy, tech, trade) that needed intergenerationl funding by taxes- cannot be done be private finance bowling alone. Over a generation the world poorest community rising women became inspiration researchers of top-down governments, youth's celebrated storytellers and inspired tech wizards to join in the deepest learning human and tech intel can blend 

IT HELPED THAT MACROECONOMISTS HAD GIVEN UP (BANGLADESH 8th MOST POPLULOUS NATUION IS BASKET CASE) and the SERVANT Leader (microfrnachise designer)  of this 90% rural nation had bene Asia's leading young oil company engineer (CEO Royal Dutch Shell East Pakistan). In 3 life changing years a cyclone killed a illion people around him; the war of independence killed another million leaving massive village destruction; a famine like no other had begun the nation;s birth. Rice needed to be the first microfranchise; the second microfranchise needed to start building last mile health services to raise life expectancy from 25 below world average. 

Back from the 1970s Scaling supply chain for 100000 people microfranchise also meant that women designed the wholesale (value chains) & R&D of national markets that needed to be integrated round development of the poorest. Where this began the poorest village women had to network for 25 yeras without access to electricity. Learning was by word of mouth and once literacy had been gained by practice curriculum the women helped design and teach 

By becoming valued as worldwide development lab, from 1996 best partners of village women entrepreneurship brought mobile and solar. Leapfrog models began to emerge - what if you skipped the age of wiring a contient and went straight to satellite coms and solar energy. The women celebrated the new millenniums goals by founding a d=girls university valuing both digital collaboration and deepest trust data of renewing communities in such a way that wherever the next child was born she had a good chance at lofe and livelihood. 

The question was partly would enough web-based educators join in the transformation and university alumni share their graduates at least on sdg project innovation. The University was designed to serve multiple development visions:

continue to search for world's best partners integrating progress in poorest villages

offer teens of bangladesh as great a challenge in 2010s as kennedy's space age had offered american teens share 25 collaboration solution 1 billion girls had already found

demonstrate at least 4 solutions that the university could innovate so that female graduates generated 50 million good jobs per research area geared to the most urgent leaps forward needed

If the first  (least resourced ) ne millennium university could achieve 4 such collaboration projects - would other better resourced universities join in with at elast 1 50 million good jobs innovation that their girls graduates share with girls alumni of the 2020s in time for the sdgs to be reality not greenwashing> Fazle Abed spent much of his 19 new millennium years debating this with every asian and other ambassador who wanted to explore this education revolution. Abed did not get to see web3 or guterres year of researching old edu not fit for purpose but what will all his 50 years of partners in women building bangladesh do now . Could it be that me-too des mater as much in America as Bangladesh as China as Developong girls and boys everywhere mother earth shines down on human and and artificial intel through the 10 decades of 100 times more tech.


2022-23 opportunities searched in 15th year of
year round youth prize by UN and Xprize alumni
nfts for sdgs led by ed3 nft for sdg4 education
results from UNGA 77 sept 2022 on chnaging education and HERSTORY productivity mapping builds over yera of future like histiry never seen before breaking inconvenient truths of humanity's last chance quarters - homework everywhere with chief host Antonio  Guterres- change education UNGA 2022 NY , change SummitFuture UNGA 2023

EMERGENCE OF AI HALL OF FAME & UNIVERSITYOFSTARS.COM with special mediation support from

oct-dec 2021
kerry billed glasgow novemeber as climates last chnace;
gordon brown exctended this to 7 ast chances
covid how another last chance took over priorities
all in all we need to start the first of 7 greatest learning quaretrs everywhere
a billion women have offered a map of 36 deepest COLLABS around sgds 1 to 5
but who's up for the english mindset to face up to politically divisive truths (mathematical valuetrue hypothesis of expoenential multipliers: what 2000 candidate presidents called inconvenient is now every girls last chance to unite what children need from S of ESG ie 5 loving community 4 skils education 3 health 2 food 1 investment in combo of servant leaders and future purposed business)
x americans suffer from the same mental disease as the brits - the english mindset-therefore it seems mathematically likely that Americans must adapt or die too

the 14 year old adam smith made a fascinating discovery about the english empire mindset in the 1750s the last decade before his compatriot James Watt invented engines

the word's number 1 university (and indeed total education systems) - oxford in the 1750s was a monopoly designed for the convenience of profs and bureaucrats to master over people not to value youth
265 years ago ad am smith launched moral sentiments economics the last economic book before engines - and over the first 20 years of engines he argued that wherever engineers went they should share the benefits of engineering as deeply as possible with all the peoples ; just as 265 years later we face the same problem will ai be designed around deep and diverse enough data artifcvials to assists all human intels

we know from humanity's second last chance the birth of the united nations in 1945 that 7-11 USA UK CANADA FRANCE GERMANY ITALY .... white empires did exactly the opposite of sharing machines everywhere--in fact the vats majority of 65% of beings in Asia had next to zero access to machine age with Japan the one big exception; Africans not only had no machines for their own continent but were slavery's main compass - the root cause of world war 2 was world trade had been carved up by the white emepires (as well as japan which caught the empire disease when the american navy indicated it would otherwise colonise japan in the late 1800s)- worse for those who saw the war in personality tyerms there was no immediate- one o0f the 2 most evil (or mad depending on which view of despots you parse) men ever to tuled (Hitler or Stalin) would win  -nore of history's curveballs.... - also can you help with glasgow's 265th annual summit for moral economist & educators MES June 2023?

100 ways for 200 countries girls & boys to love & sustain communities and education - We hope to unite 100 ways of announcing this joyful cooperation from North East West South. Here is one way my family knows a little about as alumni of both Adam Smith and 1843 purpose of founding the Economist and development by the Gaots of mathematics of AI as potential saviour of the human race 30 leaps in 1 billion womens productivity & human sustainability from 50 years of Fazle Abed Entrepreneurial Revolution -pdf

in Fall 2017 we did not know our last of 16 meetings was happening with Sir Fazle Abed - in our last conversation he hoped edtech luminaries would continue to support 1billiongirls who for half a century helped a reformed oil company ceo change development of Asia by valuing education as the core of human development -at WRJ we hope Abed would applaud edtech Mr & Ms Metaverses as the race to shapes life everywhere- if you only have time to know of one of abed's top 30 cooperations,