LAST SUMMIT FUTURE- we come to bury science fiction only natural science ai matters to those who love millennials notes it took 10 quarters of a century for USA to listen to intel of 1 billiongirls; fortunately this happened in Clara's town the patron saint of health for mothers & infants also the Pacific Coast East birthplace of 1965 Moore's chips, and 2016 Hoppers 80 billion chip Gpu. In the most exciting, at invite you to Gamify worldclassllm by celebrating greatest herstories through every community on earth's new & old worlds
2025report (est 1983 Economist) final ed invites update ED's 1982 Economist Survey with Doerrs & others )Why Not Silicon Valley Everywhere/
See the world of Jensen, Li , Hassabis &&& Neumann survey What good will humans unite wherever get first access to 100+ times more tech every decade: Jensen liftoff 1996 Li & Hassabis (DeepTrain Computers) first seen in valley 2009; moment1 2012 Global Games Imagenet, moment 2a alphafold go world champon & Google Transformer Attention Before we our 1982 intervuewDoeers in 1965 the twin Clara-Tokyo .Exps appeared: Intel's 100 times moore tech per decade Tokyo olympics sighting of Satellite telecoms (EJ:see 3 leaders vision connections JFK , Prince Charles, Emperor Hiorhito) - Why not co=pilot JLHABITAT MAGIC everywhere- ie celebrate brainpower innovation maps : Jensen*Li*Hopper*Alphafold2*Blackwell*Intel*Transformer*Attention*Twins - MediateAGIChaos started up around Einsten and his revolution in margs of nature teamed up as NET: Neumann-Einstein-Turing. Sadly for 30 years the 20th C asked its 3 greatest maths brains to win atomic bomb race for allies -this left them 1951-6 to train Econonist Journalosts and others round last notes computer & brain on 2 new engines type 6 brainworking. type 7 Autonomous Intelligence Mapping
Can Economists map 8 billion human relationships to be joyful and sustainable. This centuruy old question begun by Maths Goats Neumann Eintstein et al is coming down to the wire: extinction or sustainability of speies . 2 main protagonits since 1970a billion poorest asian women have mapped quarer of the world's population's development with deeer joy and sustainability than all the wealth of American-English mindsets. Somwehere in netween the majority of human intels and almost infinet ART Intels wonder what UN2 countdown to 2030 can do next...LET's start with mapping SHELFF economies : S5 She-too womens intel built communities S3 Health: S4 Ed3 S0 LandLeaders s2 Food S1*17 Financial platforms (the 100 grey=blocks of intel between Unations & WallStreets

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

mexico and 2020s new world of education

  wise was very interesting today- did you see- at least 4 panelists and anchors julia and anma very interesting- jennifer do you already work with these 2 anchors at qatar foundation?- perhaps the most interesting panelist from marta's dual language and community service interests the lady at centre of mexican education daniela cardero - back in ny marta and i know camilo who runs a wall street fund for developing rural mexicans- cardero was clear education will never be the same again - covid has exposed so many disconnected parts

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


 caribbean voices represent quarter of all nations sdg needs

superp testimony today from pm of barbados -session 8 in climate and university adaptability series unga75

need long term bods 50 year period like uk bonds after world war 2 - covid has ended 2 years of our main foreign earning- tourism- cf 2019 august summit untad respresenting sids

economistamerica question to session 8 of un event

can you get pm motley's speech read by kamala harris's team- her family tree is half carribean but dont assume she is uptodate on issues mentioned with all the voices asking for her attention chris macrae -see also

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