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7.5 billion people are to escape from extinction, americans dont need to invent anything moore until they have learnt deep collaboration and data from 1billiongirls asian networks.biden - will he ever let tech wizards have any quality time
what do amazonians tech wizards study?
2025report.com -4 years to first s-gen?Jan 2021 - reminded of what steve jobs said 11 years ago & Economist's norman macrae wrote 25 years ago in london's sunday times - compare that with covid decade (my body's research shows antibodies last about 7 months but would love to be wrong), and then in summer 2019 we learnt not one cent of 3000 trllion dollar western pension money had been put into sdgs let alone vaccines -something not right with 21stcmedia??
economists welcome A for aid & AI B for black and bank D for Diary F for food G FOR GREEN ,H for health .
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we're working on 1 billion girls top 50 grassroots unicorn networks - instead of being exited -this have linked villagers
since 1972 - question 1 in china and bangladesh- how to raise life expectancy of villages without electricity to 60s instead of 40s - so unicorns on village g3 health and g2 food security came first- then village banking g1 and village education-norman called this rural keynes in his 1977 survey of 2 billion asians - we'll have the 50 unicorns version 1 ready as youth handout
cop26 glasgow university union 6 nov 2021- if you have an under 30s chapter who'd like to zoom in or present their sdg solution networks pls connect
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Norman Macrae, having survived teenage navigation of RAF planes bomber command world war 2 over modern-day myanmar/bangladesh, joined The Economist in 1949, and retired as the deputy editor of what he called "the world's favourite viewspaper" in 1988. During that time, he wrote extensively on the future of society and the impact of technology. Norman foresaw species sustainability as being determined by post-colonial and virtual mapmaking- 5G 4G 3G 2G 1G 0G if 60s tech could race to moon and Moore alumni promised 100 times more machine intel every decade TO 2025, let's end poverty mediating/educating a world of loving each others' children- so that wherever the next millennials girl is born she enjoys great chance to thrive.

Soon Norman was celebrating his wartime enemy's rising engineers and win-win sme supply chains across far east and very concerned that tod down constitutions english speaking nations led by political bureaucrats wasn't fit for entrepreneurial revolution-he co-opted a young romani prodi to translate Economist 1976 ER survey into multilingual formats

Amongst some of his more outlandish claims: that governments would not only reverse the nationalisation process and denationalise formerly private industries, but would also sell industries and services that had been state operated for so long that it seemed impossible that they could be run by private companies. A pioneer before the pioneers, Macrae imagined privatised and competing telecommunications and utility companies improving service levels and reducing prices.

When others saw arms build-ups as heralding World War III, Macrae predicted the fall of the Berlin Wall by the end of the 1980's.

The Norman Macrae Archive serves as an on-line library, hosting a growing collection of Macrae articles, newspaper columns and highlights from his books. We hope that you find the articles thought provoking and zoom, twitter or question us - norman's son chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk

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help linkin sdg coalition maps- peru ...millennials rewind usa in 1999 afore 3G mobilisation decade- sample of cluetrain signees
| Saving the Internet—and all the commons it makes The ninth and worst enclosure is the one inside our heads. Because, if we think the Internet is something we use by grace of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and “providers” such as phone and cable companies, we’re only helping all those companies contain the Internet’s usefulness inside their walled gardens.
Not understanding the Internet can result in problems similar to ones

we suffer by not understanding common pool resources such as the atmosphere, the oceans, and the Earth itself.

chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk, normanmacrae.net quarters 5 and 6 of EconomistDiary 2018-1843 - journalists valuing mediation of goal 1 end poverty , A global databank for brandchartering the interconnecting aims of CLO, CBO and CEO in organising learning, branding and strategy - "I'd like to ask : Isn't it time that branders, strategists, and learning systems people believed and acted on their marketing promise as much as they want end-consumers to trust it? I am editing a millennial issue of a journal where we are urgently inviting world leading influencers of strategy, brand or learning to write 6 pages on future organisational frameworks in such simple language that every reader connects to the big idea whatever their home area of expertise"..........

Thursday, April 9, 1970

 #metoo how did usa become a place where both lawyers and media devalue girls, blacks, natives, youth, latinos, asians -and given this sad state of affairs maybe its just as wee usa has only 2 borders- unless a transformation happens in 2020s dont look to usa to lead sustainability (americans use at least double carbon per fead of any lead nation and by some estimates their rotting infrastuctures makes us use of natures resources over 10 times less than china's; or human rights -it just isnt possible which washington dc remains number 1 youth-hating city in the world

biden is such an honest public servant that he needs to be asked to confront the lies politicians have been telling their own peoples since 1963- usa cannot lead global human rights when its own politocal parties lie instead of seving community building whiole truths
you could choose a different year than 1963 but we choose it as:
when kennedy was kiled signalling that both the most progressive whites and blacks were not going to be alowed to transform lives matter usa
in 1964 satellite tv gave bith to global news- and sadly by this time usa had deveopev tv as 99.9% commercial not freeing enough public media free of vested interests

these issues quickly multiply- the whole free world was looking to usa to keep it free from stalin ideology; and the russians with cuba had brought this challenge to america's own continet; although the usa only has 2 borders it has completely faiked since 1963 to care about sustainability of the whole continets people

we need to consider ethincities- roughly world war 2 showed the end of the colonia era- roughly speakin 65% of the world were asian most trapped by the bris an japan among the g8 empires
about 13% each were white and african
about 5% latin american
this leves a few per cent so isolated that perhaps these ethnicities dont matter but conflicts betwee settlers and the native people re the deeper issue

of course in a worldwide earth ethnicities would not matter and multiracial marriages etc would end these divides but the reality of human development since 1945 - huge progrss in some parts of asia worth learning from- delopmemt of africans and latin american has been disappointing- and it has been caught up in ay that usa versus russia raced to sponsor different ductators across africa and latin america as well as lives matter challenges within usa

there are other challenges biden needs to check out
there are 2 types of innovation - that whichy advances human lot, is coomunity built, is scoped by the sdgs and other sorts of innovatin which just make the big get bigger

poitically we can identify 2 prime goals of a nation - end povery and expand middle class- the overall macroeconomis of the dllar economiy has nothng to do with this internal nation builfing of usa; similarly in the other big white block the european union - the obverall macroeconomic euro has nothing tp do with each place ending povery and enlargening middle clas

these 2 nation building goals also interact with worldiwde change - we can think of this as involving 4 ways the age of humans and machines have begun

ir1 was about energy- while this is vital for all peoples to have access to - we now also need to go green- whilst usa is betwwen 2 to 10 times less efficient with natural resources than other parts of the world
ir2 is bout telecommunications of every kind- as argued usa has gone the wring way there in informing its people about servant leaders

3 and 4 are legacies of von neuman- have change 100 fold every decade since moon racing decade
how does having more analytic power than slide ruler change every type of livelihood
when machines can offerreal time platforms replacing maual government serivies - can we get data deep enoug to include all- the 2020s needs to humanise ai, go green, retur last mile health, security everywhere, the usa needs to benhmark how to put its own continents human asustaiablity rights on erath rather than blame othercontinents - since 1962 japan korea the far eat islands have offered slutions for all asia rising - usa hasnt been consisten in empowering peples across asia; all very difficult- we face a problem that ultimately needs totally differnt education everywhere as argued in our 1984 book 2025report.com

human wrongs & rights:biden closes border 3 days after abusing china's border strategies; covid miami madness part 2; eu covid surging -nope its bureaurcats failure not astra's
what if the superpower of nations was measured round their impact on the poorest billion girls ? 1 2
bidens order of global outreach :j22 canada, mexico j23 uk
jan insurrection who's who - fbi knew of do or die marchers on capitol at least day before #trumpwednesday- deutsche bank emerges as main historic investor in trump- how will eu censor disgusting financiers? warp speed vaccine??; vaccine ai had 6 months to map- which nations logistics cared most/least for their peoples?
valuetrue.com thanks 1billiongirls.com questioning washington dcglasgow and any livesmatter future capital- do you know anything about sustaining our lives - legend as well as nature and machines we seek to mediate 8 human populations -each nearly a billion strong 1billiongirls.com demands freedom of voice/data for younger poorest women not just older richest men as artificial intel platforms increasingly govern what happens real time www

fall 2020.
american parents last chance to tell public servants to stop lying- let me explain with the case of pre-computing maths- q1 why were americans worst at teaching this? 2 how was computing designed by best maths guys? 3 what purposes could computers humanise- long version read biography of von neumann by macrae, short version here.
only in germany are there so many vaccine haters- dont konw cultural rationale but this will end eu even faster than germaby's co-leadership of subprime -more at economisteurope.com

38th annual survey of 2025report.com first published 1984 with the economist : 2021 thank you climate cheerleader kerry- glasgow cop26 is humanity's last best chance ... thank you henrietta fore for advancing learning passport - could be best thing usa has done for refugees this century ; thank you world bank for explaining how investing in childcare could create 50 million great jobs if only bringing up children was valued by economists as much as consumption of things measured as gdp
only in america :
one of richest and greenwashing men becomes chief impact officer for mental health- cf paul polak
after 8 years of rule by gun worsening under obama admin, biden says he's making stand against gun mania -why not pursue fraud leaders at bankrupt nra while you can- guess who's cruising for assault weapons
yellen announces how to race to bottom
more at bidenuni.com
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Is SOROS last billionaire standing for american youth's dream to unite sdg generation locally & globally
.zoomuni.net -breaking 2020 -zooming beyond reality- some nations 30 years behind our 1984 timelines for ai teaching/ studying - download and ask for our maps of whos leading
chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk may 2020 (bicycling distance from national institute of health bethesda md usa) writes:
since 1960 most of the world's population mapping sdg development - eg asians as over 60% of humans have traded round a japanese translation of global system- compounding solutions americans like deming and borlaug open sourced -more than any other single system dynamic friends at journalistsforhumanity have been able to map- brookings update 2020- 5/15 how taipei, seoul, hk, saved their peoples, and hanoi

back to middle of 20th c-perhaps it shouldn't be that much of a surprise that it took one of the 2 island nations that most colonised borders up to world war 2 to culturally rollback a higher purpose for uniting peoples

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