Wednesday, December 25, 1974

67-74 planetary lift off but inter-generation impacts unpredictable

while 69 saw moon landing (both greatest bit for bit collabioration of man and computing ever) and the emergences of satellites as a most valuable tool of death of didtance innovations, and birth of intel and so moores laws advances in power of compouting for a generation to come as relevant to the human lot may have been the emergence of the south's own development mindest preferantial option poor and pegagogy of oppressed that emerged freedoms across souther hemoisphere new level of liberation ideologies south: 68 catholic liberation theology 72 brac barefoot professionals in ending village mothers poverty -founded bangaladesh- inspired by freires pedagogy of oppressed -by 2013 20th open soc celebrations lead guest are brac and pih's paul framer inspired by LT

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