Wednesday, December 31, 1980

segmenting usa states - coal and oil states

i learnt from a former president of brookings that in the case on usa, china and india it makes sense to survey what each state sees at its uniquecontribution to the nation and whether that is a future win-win or a historical drag
1980 oil /coal states -these states may have most reluctance to move over to green economy/ smaller states may also be in economic turmoil when ildl pruices are low -its not clear what oil price will be in post-covid world

what price per barrel makes oloil a growth industry- they say in the usa including the hi cost of fracking 50 dollars is needed tokeep n investing in new oil though once a well is running it its not easy to sequester you might connue proting down to 10 dollars- a covid era price seems to be in 40s , post covid who knows but above high 60s may be unlikely unless any of usa middle east russia shut down

1979 west coast states
1978 east coast states
1977 heartland/landlocked states

  • The top five crude oil-producing states and their percentage shares of total U.S. crude oil production in 2019 were.
  • Texas41%
  • North Dakota11%
  • New Mexico8%
  • Oklahoma5%
  • Colorado4%

we also include louisana as a large oil refiining and oil shipping state

coal states
  • Wyoming—304.2—40.2%
  • West Virginia—95.4—12.6%

These 15 States Produce 94% of U.S. Natural Gas
  • Texas -- 6.8 trillion cubic feet (23.7% of the total) ...
  • Pennsylvania -- 5.5 trillion cubic feet (19% of the total) ...

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