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Tuesday, November 30, 2021


I found out in the last 36 hours 2 things

Naila who with yunus bore the brunt from 1996 to 2010 of liberating vilage women mobil tech (and became a matrtylaand neighbor of mine from 201) has to go to london - her sister has covid; but she did agree to meet new authpor of man from the future while there; assuming her travel doesnt stop with another covid wave by early march she should be back doing stuff out  of usa; but in any event as soon as she has mt neuemann author we can ash her for one mooc-I am not sure if that is the 6 of us on this mail; and if anyone is in new york in february it would be great if they could meet john kiehl- he has new yorks only major sound recording studion -it probabkly did more to launch rap across teh east coast (it also has boston studio as he's an mit grad); oddly its where film directirs who hate teh rush of holoywood insiudet on doing their editing; at the same time tech is chnaging the whole busienss and honestly lets say john knows about fusion of arts and tech (anmd maths) - i havent been able to connect him with the matehmaticains taht inspire me (when we say maths we mean system mapmakers)

as well as the naila and john dimensions - both were due to spean a day with each other but an amtrak crash left john staranded - half way from new york to baltimore which is our lab from deep community chnage -the community we work in was the first where black girls successfuly sued article 13- they were thrown off a baltimore cruise line for wrong color skin - theu bought property in downtown harbor area but a fire nothing to do with them caused the governor to exple all black property owners to west baltimore - 3 miles west of the harbor; their community nurtured thurgood marshall and from pope francis point of view one of the main franciscan baptist networks if there is such a thing - all of baltrimores religuous leaders were invited to rome when the police killed freddie gray which happened in this community -the community7 has neeb trying to rebuild a play school, an elementarty school, a cuber hub for teenagser etc but frankly zero lep from fed policies towards lives matter ( this whole paragrpah best rewritten by rev al hathaway - he doesnt like email - if anyo9ne is passing through baltimore I can fix meeting)

as well as above case of john-niala-al (which of course john and naila can add to - eg john kiehl has finished movies ofn food chain for john mackey conscious capitalism and michale moore who broughput a 2016 movie on 20 ways to debate teh coming  of trump which medgar evers students used but their professors banned) there is a group out of nordina run by inger who are as mad as hell about climate - if you want her to join a mooc please say- somehow inger has lively discussions on future of nature by mooc with people in pakeistan but I dont know where else- she was deelpy involved in cop26 escortisng erasmus scjholars there -one way to empower students to unite etch is that brexit split europe's 2 main graduate scholars networks into the eu's erasmus and  brits's turing; its possible that nordica and neteherlans will help studenmts undecover flow beteen both those groups and maybe an asian led grauates group (of course feminising these scientis network is another diemnsion)

sorry i really many parts of the above incomprhenesible- if you see a jigsaw piece that matetrs to you , pleasde take iyt, re-edit it into something more erelevant to conista's situation of to bard or soros open society situation or community emepowermnet of lives matter from ground up which is not necessarily teh same as admin from top down

please note there is probably ART2.0 or ARTCubed (where C=chnage climte covid-colla[psed (national constitutions) - starngely when I am in Asia they want to discuss that but in the west trumpits deny freedom of speech to mediate that (this is a westen mal useless celebrity problem - if i have anyb clue how to solve that it is choosing asian wmoen superstars worth following - the whole of sports bvalue chain run bu naomi osaka pers potenmtially joined by chinas female tennis star who has gone missing - i think you can see why this idea might need to be scaling around the next guterres but not today)

On Monday, 31 January 2022, 13:50:05 GMT-5, Catherine Perea <> wrote:

Good Morning~


I really don’t know the answer to your question, although I suspect not. I am not particularly involved with Bard, but it seems as though she operates fairly exclusively within their human rights department and only recently in their music department.  


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From: christopher macrae
Sent: Sunday, January 30, 2022 7:14 AM
To: Catherine PereaRebecca Devaney
Cc: joseph loftinJohn KiehlNaila Chowdhury
Subject: sonita conscious or subconcious practice Re: introducing catherine and rebecca - future of Afghan and Other Asian women SDGs - first set of suggestions/ actions


Hi does anyone know if sonita practices zen or any oriental consciousness movement?


I ask about zen first -BECAUSE usually Japanese leaders help my family more than any others - and 2 of my superheroines do zen: tennis player and olympics torch bearer naomi osaka and tokyo mayor koike (who has promised a trip to exchange green knowhow with new york- since bard is trying to host the first million student climate chatline on march 30 reaching out to koike would be relevant imo). My number 1 contact in Wall Street is Japanese and his passion is -one time when you know you'll be in new york it should be easy to get into his diary if you want. Notably rising sun names are joyful conversation starters in Japan. And of course the founders of the brand Sony believed SON to be propitious


there seem to be over 20 branches of oriental consciousness - harvard historian ezra vogel  (who died 12 months ago) used to brief my friends that japan first learnt consciousness from china around 600 ad and some people say chinese confucianism or taoism was itself learnt from india; another urgent community way through this is pandemic epidemiologists eg larry brilliant keep themselves (and all who last mile practice with them) optimistic by familiarity with one of the consciousness or franciscan belief systems


I am no expert in any of this but being able to translate (empathise) with these methods is probably integral to Asian millennial empowerment : I think you would probably need either Yoko Ono or a western explorer of Emotional Intelligence and an Oriental coach of zen to discuss whether these approaches are ultimately co-creating the same community servant leadership (or if a person's first gateway to trust in consciousness depends on experiences to date)


I expect rebecca has much deeper views than me- i know she has also been talking to naturalist alan rayner and it seems naturalists or biodiversity experts usually breathe consciousness movements; there is a history I dont fully understand but western empires seem to have been built on golden rule laws whereas much of the orient's culture comes from respecting multiple natural deities. I assume our mutual friend jeanne lim in hong kong gets consciousness as she is replicating bots and avatars that empathise with humans more than most humans - (we need to help her outlast zuckenberg's metaverse - the next hell he appears to be carelessly brewing up _ still think his oriental wife is human but personally zuckenberg is one of the last people in the world i would want my daughter to study under ). I also have no idea on whether rap and metaverse in the west is a commercial trap or an escape route for youth to be themselves. Probably John Kiehl who owns new york's leading sound studio can inform on that. He gave a lot of time helping students at brooklyn's medgar evers question their community needs.


I have no idea if any top 10 policy professor at bard really understand eastern consciousness - I have tried to search but not yet succeeded at any deep level. Sonita does have an advantage as an insider to  (essentially all the billions of dollars soros is putting into exchanges between youth of open society) to tell her mentors frankly who do students see as world class at what futures younger half of world need to co-create. I realise such a dialogue probably needs to be done in person with catherine/josef people she knows.


cheers chris  +1 240 316 8157


Chris Macrae MA DAMTP Cantab on LinkedIn: Pilot AI for Humanity Hall of ...

Pilot AI for Humanity Hall of Fame-


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