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Monday, February 21, 2022


1 chatham house latam event rues eve uk might be interesting


(also they were one of the best at glasgow cop26 - if anyone links that please say)  y also  I do know personally the former president of equador who has helped with latam cops

2 intros: my understanding is tristan in barcelona writes up fintech cases like few others; I met john price in toronto after jack ma briefed 3000 of us on fintech and ecommerce (few people have more geonomic intel on latam than john) rene is back in brazil after graduating from cornell-one of corenells secrets is its 2nd headquarters in new york shared with tata foundation- many reasons i'd love to know more if anyone connect that - in usa new york is the city I am all in networking while esg , fintech and guterres might just change something- I am also extremely interested if anyone has any soros or open society connections- a lot of what they used to be hopeful at has gor in a mess in eastern europe but I have got some friends who could help work around that

3 Regrettably I dont speak spanish- being in DC, until trump came along i went tonto organisaition of american states monthly to study their continent wide entrepreneur process and because at the time of jim kims world bank -oas and wb hq were one block away and both claiming they wanted to help young professionals my main constitiuency (I feel all political parties have sadly gone to war (due to bad media as much as any thing) with younger half of the world and this is root caise of extinction crisis)

4 i beleive that the franciscan culture is the most adaptable  -at deep community last mile service scaling - collaboration sdg so in europe i particularly care about rome and barcelona networks and eg if italy g20 passes on anything to indonesia g20- rome & barcelona have often swapped club of rome climate and nobel peace laureat summits; i was at vatican uni twice in 2015 www.premiosciacca.it   (musician networks can give back fashion value chains to youth) to try and understand if popes 2015 visit would change even one usa university- answer nope (they are all jesuit)

5 can tech save world? I am currently helping von neumann family with survey if von neumann was alive today which 20 ai heriones or hereos would he hope all of the youngter half of the world linkin first- do you have a number 1 nomination of ai latin?

6 if some of above urgently latam relevant- lets improve this group -three of us are heavy connectors at luch club - its relatively easy to search for latam entrepreneurs....  i am revisiting dads work as neumann biographer and more from the economist at www.youthmarkets.com

oh if anyone has a relevant contact at IDB in dc i would love to renew meeting after 2 year covid

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