america's media crisis started with its biggest brands...Help teachers and children generatethe most exciting jobs creation game? A 21st C mashup of a board game like monopoly, a quiz like trivial pursuits, and both a mass media and an app such as jobs creation sharkette tank?. more : why not blog your peoples search for world record jobs creators ..last 7 years of generation of changing education
1 the board - maps of large continents and small islands, of super cities and rural villages, transportation routes for exchanging what people make connected to webs like Jack Ma's gateways where 3000 people co-create live for a day before linking in their networks (Notes on valuing freedom and happiness) join 25th year of debating whether we the parnets and youth can change education in tine to be sustainable
2 rules of jobs-rich trading games - lifelong grade 1 to 69, beginners to experienced connecting many previous games - eg game 1 if your region has no access to a seaport, how are trading dryports developed
3 backup every trial game ever played including successes & failures, searchable by valuable collaboration factors; geographically neighbouring, match particular skill (eg electrical engineerings) around the world
3.1 cases and the cultural lessons from future history that worldwide youth will need to translate if they are to be the sustainability generation
3.2 unexpected joys; eg often the most exciting innovations for linking the sustainability generation come from communities that had the least connections - eg some of the games best players are the women and girls who developed bangladesh as 8th most populous nation starting with next to nothing at independence in 1971; case sino-english translation of world record book of jobs creators- can you help us translate this into other mother tongues - us we chat line 240 316 8157 - click to diary of good news youth journalism trips 8 to china, 1 korea, 3 arab emirates, 13 bangladesh 1 to japan

Wednesday, December 25, 1974

67-74 planetray lift off but inter-generation ipacts unpredictable

while 69 saw moon landing (both greatest bit for bit collabioration of man and computing ever) and the emergences of satellites as a most valuable tool of death of didtance innovations, and birth of intel and so moores laws advances in power of compouting for a generation to come as relevant to the human lot may have been the emergence of the south's own development mindest preferantial option poor and pegagogy of oppressed that emerged freedoms across souther hemoisphere new level of liberation ideologies south: 68 catholic liberation theology 72 brac barefoot professionals in ending village mothers poverty -founded bangaladesh- inspired by freires pedagogy of oppressed -by 2013 20th open soc celebrations lead guest are brac and pih's paul framer inspired by LT

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