millennials rewind usa in 1999 afore 3G mobilisation decade- sample of cluetrain signees
| Saving the Internet—and all the commons it makes The ninth and worst enclosure is the one inside our heads. Because, if we think the Internet is something we use by grace of Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google and “providers” such as phone and cable companies, we’re only helping all those companies contain the Internet’s usefulness inside their walled gardens.
Not understanding the Internet can result in problems similar to ones

we suffer by not understanding common pool resources such as the atmosphere, the oceans, and the Earth itself., quarters 5 and 6 of EconomistDiary 2018-1843 - journalists valuing mediation of goal 1 end poverty , A global databank for brandchartering the interconnecting aims of CLO, CBO and CEO in organising learning, branding and strategy - "I'd like to ask : Isn't it time that branders, strategists, and learning systems people believed and acted on their marketing promise as much as they want end-consumers to trust it? I am editing a millennial issue of a journal where we are urgently inviting world leading influencers of strategy, brand or learning to write 6 pages on future organisational frameworks in such simple language that every reader connects to the big idea whatever their home area of expertise"..........

Monday, March 25, 2019

bezos twitter @obamauni

7 Jeff Bezos smart city research - survey 200 cities 2 billion$ prizes- leave it to public & smart city caucus database of pitches shared - surely more valuable muller report- friends circle- steve case leonsis milken hubbing smart city social shark tank

our story - was one of first research webs we started back in 2006- @obamauni if you could be alumni of every "yes you can" knowhow of obama what would action learn and what alumni student club lists might you linkin -tell us if we have failed to share any learning from obama that an AI teaching assistant would now be able to share across 5th grader classrooms- in other words if a version of alexis was built round obama's world how would it help students , teachers, parents replicate obama yes you can livelihood solutions across communities in usa and beyond

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