Friday, December 31, 3013

2023 summitfuture.com thanks to United Nations; EconomistDiary.com 2021 start of english speaking people's greatest ever learning quarters of Adapt or Die

EconomistDiary.com breaking inconvenient truths of humanity's last chance quarters - homework everywhere with chief host Antonio  Guterres- change education UNGA 2022 NY , change SummitFuture UNGA 2023

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oct-dec 2021
kerry billed glasgow novemeber as climates last chnace;
gordon brown exctended this to 7 ast chances
covid how another last chance took over priorities
all in all we need to start the first of 7 greatest learning quaretrs everywhere
a billion women have offered a map of 36 deepest COLLABS around sgds 1 to 5
but who's up for the english mindset to face up to politically divisive truths (mathematical valuetrue hypothesis of expoenential multipliers: what 2000 candidate presidents called inconvenient is now every girls last chance to unite what children need from S of ESG ie 5 loving community 4 skils education 3 health 2 food 1 investment in combo of servant leaders and future purposed busienss)
x americans suffer from the same mental disease as the brits - the english mindset-therefore it seems mathematically likely that Americans must adapt or die too

the 14 year old adam smith made a fascinating discovery about the english empire mindset in the 1750s the last decade before his compatriot James Watt invented engines

the word's number 1 university (and indeed total education systems) - oxford in the 1750s was a monopoly designed for the convenience of profs and bureaucrats to master over people not to value youth
265 years ago ad am smith launched moral sentiments economics the last economic book before engines - and over the first 20 years of engines he argued that wherever engineers went they should share the benefits of engineering as deeply as possible with all the peoples ; just as 265 years later we face the same problem will ai be designed around deep and diverse enough data artifcvials to assists all human intels

we know from humanity's second last chance the birth of the united nations in 1945 that 7-11 USA UK CANADA FRANCE GERMANY ITALY .... white empires did exactly the opposite of sharing machines everywhere--in fact the vats majority of 65% of beings in Asia had next to zero access to machine age with Japan the one big exception; Africans not only had no machines for their own continent but were slavery's main compass - the root cause of world war 2 was world trade had been carved up by the white emepires (as well as japan which caught the empire disease when the american navy indicated it would otherwise colonise japan in the late 1800s)- worse for those who saw the war in personality tyerms there was no immediate- one o0f the 2 most evil (or mad depending on which view of despots you parse) men ever to tuled (Hitler or Stalin) would win  -nore of history's curveballs....

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