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Friday, December 31, 1999

How Mike Will Get It Done:

  • Invest in apprenticeship programs
  • Launch innovative partnerships with colleges
  • Streamline the federal government’s career and technical training programs
  • Make career and technical training programs more affordable

Mike’s Plan:

Invest in apprenticeship programs

Mike will incentivize states and educational institutions to develop new “Apprenticeship Degrees” and other industry-recognized credentials for 1 million students each year, giving them the skills and credentials they need for in-demand jobs.

Launch innovative partnerships with colleges

Mike will fund partnerships between employers and community and technical colleges to prepare people for good jobs and connect them to local employment opportunities.
Mike will protect working Americans, making sure employees have the right to organize, and receive the fair wages, paid family leave and retirement benefits they deserve.

Streamline the federal government’s career and technical training programs

Mike will streamline the federal government’s 43 employment and training programs, pool their resources, and focus funding on those that deliver the best results for workers. He will direct his vice president to lead this effort.

Make career and technical training programs more affordable

Mike will make sure people can access unemployment insurance benefits to help pay for career and technical training programs. He also will launch a pilot program to give people federal student aid for eligible short-term certificate programs.

Mike’s Record:

Mike Bloomberg has a strong record of supporting career and technical education.
As mayor, Mike created innovative new high schools that combine work experience, internships and career credentials with a traditional curriculum. Mike also launched and expanded programs to help young people get internships to learn digital skills and gain work experience.
Since leaving office, Mike has been supporting organizations that help connect high school students with skills and experience. More than 2,000 students around the country have received skills training for high-demand jobs. Mike’s support is projected to help train 20,000 more students by 2022.

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  1. How Mike & black america Will Get It Done: Mike aims to triple the wealth of the median Black household and increase upward mobility.
    Create 100,000 new Black-owned small businesses
    Create 1 million new Black homeowners
    Invest $70 billion in our 100 most disadvantaged neighborhoods
    Reinvigorate efforts to defend civil rights
    Collect better data on hiring, pay, procurement, and lending

    Mike’s Plan:
    Create generational wealth through homeownership
    Mike’s plan lays out a path for the creation of 1 million new Black homeowners by providing down-payment assistance, getting millions banked and recognized by credit scoring companies, enforcing fair lending laws, reducing foreclosures and evictions and increasing the supply of affordable housing.

    Spur the creation of more than 100,000 new Black-owned small businesses
    Mike will double the number of Black-owned small businesses by establishing across the country user-friendly one-stop shops for entrepreneurs, expanding mentorships and incubators, increasing access to capital (both debt and equity), supporting Black-owned banks and expanding procurement from Black-owned businesses. These efforts will include a special focus on Black female entrepreneurs, the fastest-growing group of new entrepreneurs in the country.

    Commit $70 billion in neighborhoods that need it most
    Mike’s plan will commit $70 billion in funding and technical support to turn around 100 of the country’s most disadvantaged communities. The investments will focus on addressing disparities in early childhood, schools, higher education, skills and training, employment, health and environmental conditions.

    Address systematic discrimination
    Mike will reinvigorate the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department and require more transparency from companies in their hiring, pay, lending and procurement practices. Mike’s plan also ties federal housing funding to progress in reducing segregation, requires implicit bias training for police, teachers and federal contractors, and expands and protects voting rights.

    Learn more about Mike’s Greenwood Initiative: Economic Justice for Black America plan