america's media crisis started with its biggest brands...Help teachers and children generatethe most exciting jobs creation game? A 21st C mashup of a board game like monopoly, a quiz like trivial pursuits, and both a mass media and an app such as jobs creation sharkette tank?. more : why not blog your peoples search for world record jobs creators ..last 7 years of generation of changing education
1 the board - maps of large continents and small islands, of super cities and rural villages, transportation routes for exchanging what people make connected to webs like Jack Ma's gateways where 3000 people co-create live for a day before linking in their networks (Notes on valuing freedom and happiness) join 25th year of debating whether we the parnets and youth can change education in tine to be sustainable
2 rules of jobs-rich trading games - lifelong grade 1 to 69, beginners to experienced connecting many previous games - eg game 1 if your region has no access to a seaport, how are trading dryports developed
3 backup every trial game ever played including successes & failures, searchable by valuable collaboration factors; geographically neighbouring, match particular skill (eg electrical engineerings) around the world
3.1 cases and the cultural lessons from future history that worldwide youth will need to translate if they are to be the sustainability generation
3.2 unexpected joys; eg often the most exciting innovations for linking the sustainability generation come from communities that had the least connections - eg some of the games best players are the women and girls who developed bangladesh as 8th most populous nation starting with next to nothing at independence in 1971; case sino-english translation of world record book of jobs creators- can you help us translate this into other mother tongues - us we chat line 240 316 8157 - click to diary of good news youth journalism trips 8 to china, 1 korea, 3 arab emirates, 13 bangladesh 1 to japan

Thursday, January 4, 2018

the board
choose one of the world's largest continents
  1. Asia: 4.4 bn  Europe: (includes Russia) ) .75 bn Eurasia 5.15 bn
  2. Africa:   1.2 bn North America:  (includes Central America and Caribbean)  .575 bn; South America: 418,537,818    .42 bn
  3. Australia: 23,232,413 .023 bn

 add in any islands with superports or large economies; make any additions you like for example we play a lot of games around Eurasia 6&1;

continents by population
add to your map any of the worlds top container ports which it already has

now dont worry about countries if you could add one or two ports or railway lines so that hard working communities you care about could trade their produce what would you add, and which regional governors could help mark your idea-  try to choose a governor who already knows a world class ecommerce leader - we like jack ma because when he sees a region playing this game he comes and organsaies 3000 people celebrations but provided your place leaders have their own team of tech wizards they can choose who they prefer to partner to ensure that small enterprises are celebrated in and local competitions like shark tank or dragons den start coming to your communities

Some more on Jack Ma. Up to age 30 Jack's great passions was teaching english to thousands of his own age group which he learnt as he guided tourists round his hometown of hangzhou and explored the world with maps they drew for him. On jack's first visit to usa around 1994, he saw the worldwide web-something not then in China. His passion became how to create jobs with the web. Unlike fast venture capital in USA, China required what became its big 3 internet companies to experiment for over a decade only fully celebrating them in 2008 when ecommerce and alipay digital cash helped save china from the depression that americas subprime banks trapped the rest of the world in. In 2016 recognition of Jack's socia purposes came with hangzhou being awarded the hosting of chibna's g20. This was the first time that the world's 20 biiggest leaders had a chnace to claruify how they would help youth innovate the UN's new ssutainability gaols. Jack spent the best part of a year prepping extraordinary ideas download small enterprise china g20 report chaired by ALI BABA JACK MA -and see why greatest #learinggeneration thanks hangzhou in happiest collaboration opportunities ever played
Larouche/EIR map


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  2. notes to americans
    note how underinvested america is in railways perhaps because states don’t have many recent benchmarks of how to work out joint rejuvenation investments – December 2017: the 2 main railways in usa west coast and east coast have had major crashes in last 18 months on the slowest corners where the trains were going up to 4 times the speed limit- more than 15 years ago congress past a law that these trains should have failsafe tech installed - but due to companies lobbyists have kept on deferring when this law should finally apply

    note in October 2017 cbs 60 minutes had trumps social media election expert on - he explained how facebook had helped him attract swing voters with a quiz on what trains and roads and bridges did their communities most need

    planes are fine but they focus on luxury markets; the big innovation of jobs creating ecommerce is IT liberates small enterprises (the kind you see on tv entrepreneur competitions) with 1 railways and 2 ports and logistics (Big Data Local mapped)

    if states or countries share a new rail and port, this creates cultural friendships all along the line as well as the rebirth of family friendly habits like slow food family meals and nutritious foods; healthy spaces open up for community for all

    at the same time as the rail clean energy pipelines or water aqueducts etc can be upgraded as can telecoms cables

    once you have linkedin your communities by the most economic and green rails and ports you can decide if there are any missing feeder roads to add in

    we can be sure that continents who join in playing this mapping game can improve with each others best ideas but those that dont join in now – see diary of summits around the world up to and including the Tokyo Olympics --- ma video
    - these elders will likely cause their children to be lost generations both jobswise and in terms of joy of learning how to be the sustainability generation
    once you have linkedin your communities by the most economic and green rails and ports you can decide if there are any missing roads to add in

    we can be sure that continents who join in playing this game can improve with each others best ideas (and history shows that win-win trades are the start to peace and safety blossoming again all over mother earth)

    conversely peoples or places who are blocked from networking these new learning innovations now will likely cause their children to miss all the most exciting ways real-local and global-app’d knowhow is changing the world (see the branches of jack ma’s damo academy which are exploring internet of things how to humanise artificial intelligence as well as how to celebrate community for all collaborations) – elders who don’t encourage teachers and children to play this game now will cause lost generations both jobswise and in terms of learning how to be the sustainability generation

    for some advanced idea on changing education and media to value youth have a look at