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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

In a survey of health services in 1984 dad (norman macrae) advanced the motion that if we humans use tech efficiently then cost of health services will come down at least for the majority of every day needs.

The fact that us health services have increased in cost - now almost double anywhere else - makes one question:
why has this happened to health
is there any market in usa that remains a benchmark other nations should want

some reasons why this has happened to health:
the for profit insurance industry interacting with lawyers adds extra costs almost unknown anywhere else
the absence of community and safety of young people in many big cities adds to costs , which are only fanned by what seems to be a recurring cycle- the latest is opiods- of pharma addicting people to something which regulators took far too long to intervene in
the politics of health being driven by demand of the elderly - which is always the most costly segment - sometimes keeping an elderly persona alive for an extra year looks as grotesque a life for the person as it is likely a bankrupting of their family
the extreme over advertising of drugs
the national diet which makes obesity a norm in usa
the stress of a society where so much media is violent- so much of what are called celebrities seems to be the opposite of examples that we'd want our children to think is cool
training to be a doctor is expensive and over-specialised - for example it should be possible to design a nurses qualification at 10 times less cost than is charged in usa - this failure ios due to bundling inj expensive skills most nurses dont need with not using elearning in an economic way- additionally some practitioners insurance policies are so expensive that eg many nur5ses in their 60s who would like to work part-time cant afford to do so-

if you want to help change this make sure you linkin to the intercity network young chronics- they do several wonderful thongs- they decode how the worst of vested interest groups surround washington until there are no free public servants left- they work out transparent ways to start up organ banks etc in developing countries which actually look like benchmarks the us needs to adopt
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if you thgink there is a market that us citizens get better value from than other countries we'd love to analsye how did it escape the very american nightmare of tech making life more expensive

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