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Monday, August 17, 2020

postcovidmoney TEAM thank you argentina and soros young scholars ineteconomic

one of the first moocs co-sponsored by soros ineteconomics was on monetary explanations of subprime around 2010 by prof mehrling at one of columbia u colleges-

today 10 years later unctad in geneva and the summer school of soros asked the argentinian mattias vernengo  1  to host brilliant debunking on money's history as well as questions on postcovid money

- can this also be connected with all fintech for sdgs and universities soros has sponsored- back in 1996 soros sponsored beginning of both in bangladesh- this also led to uniting health saints like jim kim with bill gates jack ma and fazle abed- 15 interviews in bangladesh suggest girl empowered money and universities can help answer some of the postcovid money decisions as hopefully can soros college coalition https://osun.bard.edu/ but where else do you bookmark first - and given chelsea clinton also has at office at columbia u health college mailman and is converging clinton university students -are there some overlaps that could one day help new york re-lead green and global health in ways its lost out on under donald -- chris.macrae@yahoo.co.uk - washington dc branch norman macrae foundation - celebrating 27th decade since adam smith and james watt at glasgow uni first explored whether machines could help humans unite to value sdgs- see you all cop26 nov 2021?

can you help us team at postcovidmoney

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