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Saturday, August 1, 2020

mexico brazil - unctad soros ineteconomics scholars

dear latin america diaspora in usa

one was juan carlos moreno brid of unam-national autonomous uni of mexico- so both were calling for the whole continent to decide on something radically different from american economists/politics; have one presentation of each- would love to find a way that a group of us an keep connecting with either or both of these people- any ideas?

hi i wanted to check some latin american viewpoints at the start of the year- there have been 2 great for me latin american economists speaking at the untad summer school sponsored by soros scholar movement he headquartered in new york after subprime caused him to encourage students to rexamine economics- i wondered if you or your teams have know either of them- 1 argentinian maria vernengo actually working at bucknell university in utah- he said there is  one urgent chance for central banks to take out huge debt if they have something their peoples need or can most agree on producing, innovating- he clarified that the washington consensus tries to suppress such moves but it is time latin america united around such moves-

welcome correspondence - presentation sharing

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